MEpoweR3 is Marine Electricals medium voltage offering as a alliance partner with Schneider Electric completely designed in house in consultation with Schneider Electric. Marine Electricals manufactures 12KV/ 24KV/ 36KV metal clad switchgear panels with the VCB & SF6 circuit breakers supplied by Schneider Electric.

MEpoweR3 compiles with the main international standards:

  • IEC 62271-200 Standard for high A.C. Metal enclosed switchgear and control gear for rated Voltages above 1kV up to and including 52 kV

Range of Products

  • Indoor Metal Clad Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Rating : 6.6 to 12 kV
  • Outdoor Metal Clad Vacuum Circuit Breaker Rating : 6.6 to 12 kV
  • Earthing Truck & Breaker Trolley


  • Compact design, Available in Both Indoor and Outdoor version. Simple Construction, Floor mounting, free standing & simple installation type
  • Fully compartmentalized design / separate chambers for breaker, bus bar, cable & CT and PTs with Instruments & Relay compartment
  • Fabricated sheet metal parts are pre-treated by eleven tank process before power coating of customer colour choice
  • Extensible on both sides and Aesthetically Superior with Reliability & Continuity of Supply
  • Minimum downtime, Safe, Easy to maintain and Transportable & Ready to Install
  • Withdrawable truck assembly and Metal enclosed, No direct access to live parts, No fire hazard
  • Horizontal draw out & horizontal isolation design, high electrical and mechanical life
  • Easy interchangeability of breakers of same rating
  • Service, Test & Isolated positions inside the cubicle with front door closed


  • Application : Indoor / Outdoor / Kiosk with fully Bolted type Design
  • Compartmentalized : Fully compartmentalized of LT Chamber Compartment, CTs & PTs Compartment Breaker Compartment Cable ( Outgoing ) Termination Compartment
  • Future Extension : On Both Sides LHS & RHS
  • Bus bar : Aluminum / Copper options
  • Paint Shade : Pre - treatment & painting as per standard, Alkyd melamine epoxy based Powder Coating ( as per the requirements )

Sheet Metal Details

Front Door LT Chamber
Front Door VCB Chamber
Structural members
( vertical & horizontal members )
Top cover ( explosion cover )
Bottom Sheet
Partition for LT Chamber
Partition cover between panels
Rear / Side cover
Barrier sheets between VCB's
Bus bar and Cable Chamber

2.5 mm CRCA / GI
2.0 mm CRCA / GI
2.0 mm CRCA / GI

1.0 mm CRCA / GI
2.0 mm CRCA / GI
2.0 mm CRCA / GI
2.0 mm CRCA / GI
2.0 mm CRCA / GI

2.0 mm CRCA / GI
1.0 mm CRCA / GI


  • Interlocks are provided such that breaker closing is prevented in intermediate position between service and test/isolated positions.
  • Breaker can be inserted only when control plug & socket is in position and Control plug & Socket can be removed only in isolated position
  • Adequate interlocks for the vacuum circuit breaker truck are provided to ensure total safety to the operating personnel. Mechanical Castle interlocks with upstream / downstream isolators can be provided on request.
  • Emergency tripping arrangement can be provided outside the cubicle on request
  • The operating Mechanism is either manual / motorized spring charged. The clearance between the phase to phase and to earth on the VCB truck as well as the bus connections are as per the relevant standards. The VCB is very robust and virtually maintenance free

High Switching Life

  • 100 Short circuit interrupting operation
  • 20000 Load current Switching operations
  • 30000 Mechanical Operations


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Established in 1978, Marine Electricals serves the market for about 34 years in diversified areas like Ship Building / Navy / Industries / Commercial Establishments. We are one of the largest supplier of Electrical & Automation Equipment for Marine Applications in India and Middle East Markets

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